Private: AMAZING SHAPE at 45!

Laurence, is now a fabulous 45 years old and has been a dedicated follower of 15FIT for over 18 months. Hard work, consistency and self love, has been the attitude she has embraced on this journey of weight loss and fitness.


Laurence joined #THRIVE, our easy, delightful and yummy, plant-based weight loss meal plan.

#THRIVE consists of a 6-day package with 3 filling and healthy meals as well as 2 snacks, delivered fresh to your accommodation daily. We never repeat our meals but as we are a bespoke offering, if you have some favourite over others and don’t mind doubling up, then that can be your choice. You’ll be surprised by the variety however.

 Laurence complemented her nutrition program with regular daily exercise classes we offer at our 15Fit Studio. With the variety of workouts provided on our timetable she found energy and perseverance in the combination of cardio workouts through spin and HIIT classes, toning with 15PUMP and TRX, and body shaping with Brazilian Booty, and inner quiet and flexibility through Balance&Flow.

 Altogether, this is a fantastic recipe for success.


“A friend of mine had recommended 15Fit, so I decided to give it a go. It was such a great surprise to find inspiring and like-minded people all together and looking for the same things that I was! A place to look after themselves and to work hard in a safe place.

Pete and Yvette have been a great support and along with all their motivation have set up an easy, simple and complete gym program that fully satisfies my needs as well as the needs of many others. Doing group classes in a second language turned out to be easier than I thought!

My goal has been to reach my desired weight of 65kg by the time I turned 50 years old, and it only took me 18 months to achieve that and to even get lower than that, so I am so happy. By setting this goal, and with the motivation from my trainers, I have maintained my results and performance, I love my workouts and I once again THRIVE! My body truly began to change once I began on the THRIVE meal plan, even with the treat of a free day on Sunday!

The routine I chose, started with spinning classes and 15PUMP classes, so I was getting equal amounts of cardio fitness and strength work. For the past 6 months I have added Brazilian Booty to isolate and condition different body parts. I feel so comfortable to just come in and do my own thing and to work on what I feel I need. I’m taking back my power.

I used to have to take a nap every day and now it’s impossible for me to do this anymore. My energy levels have increased, and I feel so energized that I achieve so much more in my days.

Now, here I am, recommending to those of you that truly want to make a change with their mind and their body, to come over to 15Fit, see Pete and Yvette and get started!” – Laurence, 45



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