Hot Cycle

Not for the faint-hearted! This is an advanced ride undertaking the hardest Cycle Max class we can put together. But it doesn’t stop there. We don’t heat the room but we don’t cool the room either. It starts at room temperature and the heat generated by the rider’s pushes the temperature up from Read More

30 / 30 : CYCLE & HIIT

A great combo class which combines a fast 30min express ride with High Intensity Interval Training in a circuit format. Cardio plus functional exercises with high repetitions and light to moderate weights. Read More

Cycle Sprint

This is our classic ride. We pace then push ourselves over undulating terrains, onto tear-away straights but only to hit a couple of good grinding hill climbs to really test us. Recovery is minimal to maximize time under tension. Great music will keep us on track to finding great results in a short Read More

30 / 30 : CYCLE & TRX

A 30 minute hi intensity ride combining the best of indoor cycling. After 30 minutes we’re off the bike and onto the workout floor for 30 minutes of intensive TRX training. Get the best of everything. Read More

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