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As you can probably tell, we got featured on #WannaTrain !

What’s #WannaTrain?

WannaTrain is a recently launched app that helps people meet others that shares a similar passion for fitness & wellness, also helping others find fitness/wellness facilities nearby their area!

Find workout partners, instructors, gyms and facilities for wellness activities — Weight Training, Running, Yoga, Surfing, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and more!

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Our Concept

15FIT is a private personal and Group Training Studio located amidst the Rice Paddies of Umalas, in Bali Indonesia

Our concept is simple. 15FIT means just that. It’s personal – a maximum of 15 people in any scheduled class, so book early and don’t miss out!

We will know you by name, your likes and dislikes and what we need to do to challenge YOU physically and mentally, in every workout, whether that’s in a personalized one to one session or a group fitness class.

PROMISE – regardless of your ability, newbie or seasoned exerciser, 15FIT will partner with you to set you on your own individual path to personal results and applaud you all the way.

And, you might even make a friend or two along the way

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When should I start?
There is no better time than NOW! It’s current. It’s at the forefront of your mind. ACT. You’ve been thinking about this for a while and you want to make change in all its glory. Come tell us about your goals and let’s make a path forward. Together.

How to start?
Couldn’t be easier. Give us a call or drop in and make time for a chat. No obligation. No hard sell. Tell us what you’re thinking you need, we’ll tell you what we got and how to get there. It really is that easy!

Where to start?
Small steps or jump in the deep end boots and all! Everyone is different and we got something for everyone. Let us explain that, check your current health or injury history, then we can guide you through the best workout options. We may also suggest you undertake our non-invasive health and fitness check.

What’s on offer?
A fresh, clean and un-crowded studio and workout space, designed for you – our community. It’s designed with privacy and comfort in mind but with the equipment, trainers and classes to meet your expectations and goals.

Who With?
Meet our expert array of International trainers. Their workout options will make you balance, move, jump, push, pull, twist, pump, pedal and sweat. They’ll help you change your outlook on this day and many more to follow.

PLUS – NO contracts. No joining fees. Buy a best value multi class pack to suit your needs, and you’re on your way.

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Who we are

Yvette Manuel

Yvette has spent 30 years forging a successful fitness career as an instructor and personal trainer, as a fitness presenter and trainer of trainers, and as a manager and business builder for large corporate fitness chains.

Yvette has spent 30 years forging a successful fitness career as an instructor and personal trainer, as a fitness presenter and trainer of trainers, and as a manager and business builder for large corporate fitness chains. Today she has her own boutique fitness studio – 15FIT – where she gets to make her own choices and decisions, and be the boss of her own destiny.

Yvette is a native of South London in the U.K (around the corner from where Adele comes from is what she likes to tell everyone!), and started out teaching ‘Jane Fonda-esque’ aerobic classes to enthusiastic participants in local church halls, and was early on inspired by attending classes at the famous Pineapple studios in London.

Following this start she managed health clubs and continued to develop as an instructor and trainer, to the point that she eventually had her own exercise DVD’s and performed her own fitness tour around the country. This led her to be discovered by Les Mills programming in the late 90’s and from there she never looked back. She became the National Training Manager for Les Mills agency Body Training Systems UK and developed and led a team through massive growth of the Les Mills programs in Europe at the time. She also presented Les Mills workshops and training modules throughout Europe as the popularity of these programs grew.

At this point her role required presenting to gym owners and managers on best practices for monitoring and measuring results highlighting the value to their business of these programs. This solid platform has led the way for continued growth and expansion of the Les Mills brand popularity until today.

In the early 2000’s a family move to Australia enabled her to take up a key role as National group fitness Manager for Fitness First Australia. She oversaw the management and growth of her business unit from 23 clubs to 95 clubs at the time she left the business, 5 years later. That speaks for itself.

Now her goals are still as large and as passionate but now geared towards driving results and enthusiasm for her participants in her classes and training sessions, and building a happy, healthy fitness community at 15FIT.

Pete Manuel


Over the years Pete has worked inside many great fitness organizations, with great leaders and great knowledge and ideas and all this has led him to where we are today. Back, to simplicity but with a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he now will channel into his own studio – 15FIT.

Pete was a soon–to-be fresh out of school 17 year old, and not really sure what direction to take, when he decided to use his love of exercise through sport (Rugby) and entered the gym environment for the first time.

It turned out to be a great move, because fast forward 35 years and he can say he has worked in all aspects of this fast changing industry and can lay claim to personally influencing the shape of global group fitness training by playing a lead role as one of the original 4 International Master Trainers for Les Mills International, which has evolved from simple beginnings in the early-90’s to the global powerhouse of group fitness programming it is today with over 17000 licensed clubs using their programs worldwide.

Pete got to travel the world for 10 amazing years doing what he loved to do – sharing his passion for fitness through role modeling great workouts using the Les Mills programs, and then supporting thousands of instructors with coaching, training, culture and education.

“I wanted to create a space that was supremely functional and comfortable and that offered our community of followers, a haven. A private space, with no judgement. A place to train intelligently using a broad array of exercise options and classes and always under the caring guidance of our expert trainers.”

So this is it. A home away from home. Come see for yourself. We’ll be waiting.


We have created a small, humble and talented team of trainers of both local and international experience.

As a small boutique facility, it is important that we provide the highest quality professionals for the group classes and personal training roster, to ensure all our clients are serviced to the very highest levels of knowledge, discretion and inspiration.

They have all been trained and certified in their home countries abroad or locally and we continue to mentor and assess them internally on a regular basis to ensure the very highest degrees of service.

If anyone requires more information on the specific trainers we are always happy to discuss your individual requirements and then make suggestions on the best trainer for them. Then we follow up with a direct introduction to the specific trainer.

We Have a Program for everyone

We trust in our experience of some of the world’s best workout programs and techniques.
At 15FIT, you’ll get complete guidance in undertaking any workout or class.

The basics of safety and technique, resistance and options, combined with inspiration and motivation will get you across the finish line.

Our trainers are available to provide nutritional advice and counseling as well as writing hard copy workout programs for any time you might be away from us.

Always come early to class if you’re new, so we can set you up for success and orientate you right from the get go. And never worry – we were all new, once.

We have a rule to always keep things evolving. And so should YOU!

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